Основные условия


The apartments published on the following website are privately hold and rent only for holidays purposes. The architectural style of the apartments is respectful to the local traditions as the furniture, that have been choosen according to the personal taste of the owner.

The following general conditions are an integral part of the contract drawn up with Sa.I.Co. s.r.l.

The client can book the apartment both by phone and through the contact form to be downloaded directly from the web site www.piazzaitaliacostarei.it. Booking is not binding. Guests will be informed on prices, availability and stay conditions via mail or fax. Booking is confirmed only after the payment of the compulsory deposit that has to be done within five days from the date of the email sent by Sa.I.Co s.r.l. with the info about the availability of the apartment for the period requested, the quotation and all the details for the payment: if this condition has not been respected the deposit and the booking will be rejected. No payments will be accepted if done after this deadline, causing the cancellation of the contract. All prices on website www.piazzaitaliacostarei.it. are to be considered just as an indication. Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. reserves the right to change prices without giving notice.

Deposit must be paid directly to Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. only by wire transfer. The amount is the 30% of the rent price. Guests will receive bank details by mail or by fax. The balance of the rent has to be paid 30 days before the date of arrival. All the extras requested will be paid at the arrival and then you will receive the keys of the apartment.

3.1) Cancellation has to be communicated, in a written form by fax or other ways, within 40 days prior to stay

3.2) Cancellation Fees:

No penality for cancellation within 40 days before the date of arrival.

Cancellation from 39 to 30 days prior to arrival 30% of total amount

Cancellation from 29 to 20 days prior to arrival 50% of total amount

Cancellation from 19 to 15 days prior to arrival 75% of total amount

In case of cancellation less than 14 days prior to arrival or in case of no-show, 100% of total amount

3.3) At the moment of booking,Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. and the client can decide for a different solution than the one showed at [3.1]. At the moment of booking, Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. and the client can decide for a different solution than the one showed at [3.1].
In case of withdraw, Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. will do its best in order to rent again the apartment whose booking has been cancelled. In this case penalties will be ammended.


Keys will be given the day of arrival not before 5 pm. If there is a delay or you arrive in advance, you must get in touch immediately with Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. at contact numbers printed on the contact form . In case Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. hasn’t received any communication, the apartment will be kept available until 10 am of the day after the date of arrival. From this moment on, Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. will be free to rent the apartment again with all consequences indicated at point [3.1]. Anticipated departures or shorter stays will be charged for the entire stay. Tenants must leave the apartment within 10:00 am of departure day. The final cleaning will be done by Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. with a payment that has to be decided. In any case, the Client has to provide the cleaning of all the stoves, plates and kitchenware, the refrigerator has to be empty and there has to be no rubbish around. If the Client doesn’t observe this rule, Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. will not refund the “key money” requested in the contract. Client will be fined for leaving the rubbish in the apartment or for breaking the rules “of the removal of non-recyclable and recyclable rubbish”. In addition to the caution(€150), the amount of the fine will depend on the fares ruled by the law of the Municipality of Muravera. We inform the Client that the “Rubbish area” is under video surveillance. At the arrival the Client will receive the guidelines for the removal of rubbish, a minimum equipment of rubbish bags and will be showed the rubbish area.

Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. strictly forbids the presence of a higher number of guests then the one mentioned when booking. On this matter, children are considered as adults. An additional person may be admitted by Sa.I.Co. s.r.l., on request, and with the payment of a surcharge that has to be previously agreed. Domestic animals can be kept only if authorized and with a surcharge payment. Personal heaters or electric hot plates aren’t allowed. All guests must comply with the rules of each apartment and observe carefully common rules of silence, particularly in the afternoon and during the night, and good manners. Non-observance of these rules will determine the cancellation of the contract.

All apartments are in perfect sanitary conditions, entirely furnished and provided with gas stoves, hot and cold water and 220 watt electrical energy. Each bed has a blanket and a pillow. Bed linen and towels are to be brought by guests. Sheets and pillow cases can be rented on request.

Tenants must take care of the apartment and of apartment equipment (kitchenware, refrigerators, mattresses, etc.). Claims regarding the apartment will be accepted only 24 hours after arrival. Compensation for breaking or damages will be paid at list price. When the contract is being drawn up, Sa.I.Co. s.r.l.will ask for a sum of money as security.

Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. deals without intermediaries and has no civil or penal responsibility for any damage caused, even by chance, to movables or immovables and which may involve the renter, cohabitants, or people invited.Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. will however help to solve possible problems in the shortest period of time. Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. has no responsibility for lost luggage and for any kind of problem related to strikes, terrorist attacks, popular rebellion, illness, local laws, weather conditions, natural calamities or any other activity and situations out of control. In case of litigation the competent court is Cagliari.
Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. reserves the right to change these general conditions at any moment.
Rules and principals are to be taken as a guarantee of quality and Sa.I.Co. s.r.l. appreciates any suggestion made to upgrade service.


Both the Client or Tenant and the Owner/Landlord confirm that the rental contracts with a duration shorter than 30 days, don’t need any fiscal registration and communication to the Authority for the Public Security Service