No-Covid Safe Holiday Policy

Dear Guest,

To contain and prevent any effects caused by COVID-19, our property has implemented a series of procedures aimed at minimising the risks associated with the spread of the Coronavirus.

We therefore invite you to read carefully and adhere closely to the simple provisions as set out in the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 23 March 2020, the Order of the President of the Region No. 23 of 17 May 2020, and the “Safe Hospitality” protocol drawn up by Federalberghi – Confindustria Alberghi and Assohotel.

We are confident of your cooperation and wish you a pleasant stay.


Although it is likely that staff and guests are already familiar with the Covid-19 prevention measures, it is worth reminding them of the contents, with special instructions at reception and in other common areas.
We will provide guests with gel with a 60-85% alcohol concentration for hand hygiene before entering the reception area.
On arrival, the guest’s body temperature may be checked, denying access in case of a temperature exceeding 37.5 °C.
At reception and in other common areas, it is always mandatory to respect social distancing (at least one metre between persons, or the widest distance defined by any local authority ordinance). It will not be possible to greet guests through normal welcome gestures (handshakes, kisses and hugs).
To make it easier to maintain the distance, we have put up information signs.

Check-in procedures will be very quick and it will not be possible to hand over advertising material and magazines. The keys will be handed over in some cases by accessing a cabinet consisting of compartments, with doors indicating the number of the apartment, which can be opened by a combination. The combination code can be communicated via email or message on your phone once we have received your identity documents.
To avoid groups, prolonged stops and contacts, please digitally submit the documents of all in your party before arrival, signing to accept the data privacy policy;
For the same reason, you are invited to give one day’s notice of your arrival at the facility.
All information regarding the area and activities available during your stay can be found on our website at the following link

Receptionists are equipped with the personal protective equipment required for the proper performance of their duties:

  • gloves (if necessary);
  • mask if the inter-personal distance is less than 1 m


In case of multiple bookings (groups, family groups, etc.) the group leader or the head of the family will be invited to be the only one to carry out the check-in procedure and for all other direct contacts at the reception; the rooming list should be submitted the day before arrival; the keys of the apartments will be given to the group leader or the head of the family who will distribute them to the guests;

Wherever possible, hand contact with guests’ belongings will be avoided or limited to what is strictly necessary (e.g.: inviting guests to keep the key for the duration of their stay; encouraging contactless payments; etc.).
The pre-check-out operations must be carried out by the guest notifying the scheduled departure time. The inspection of the apartment can be done only after the departure of the guest once the cleaning of the accommodation has been carried out, before the final disinfection to welcome the next guest.
For this reason, the client must authorise the collection of the deposit by credit card (pre-authorisation) which will be cancelled once the absence of damage has been verified and the household waste has been collected and correctly disposed of from the apartment. Pre-authorisation release times are imposed by the credit institutions.



Before entering the apartment please clean your hands with the 60/85% alcohol gel solutions provided for hand hygiene.
Avoid bringing unnecessary objects into the apartment such as beach equipment, children’s toys, advertising material, magazines, etc.
On your first access, you will see the record of cleaning and disinfection carried out by the cleaning staff, with date, time and signature of the cleaning staff. You will also find a summary sheet of the cleaning and disinfection of the most-used objects (door handles, windows, cabinets, remote controls, switches, air conditioning filters, etc.) as well as the technical data sheet of the products used (with medical and surgical label).

On request, sanitising of the apartment can be carried out with the use of specific machinery, subject to the availability of specialised companies. Sanitising is a non-compulsory procedure and must be certified by licensed companies.
The cost of sanitising is €300 per unit.

We suggest that during your stay you ventilate your apartment by opening the adjustable shutters. The exchange of fresh air contributes to the purification of the environment. Do not ventilate the apartment with the air conditioning switched on.